Perhaps, experience can help


The Cyclones’ 2010 football schedule is difficult. Okay, that’s been cut up and dissected every which way. With challenge, however, comes opportunity and I can almost guarantee you that is how Coach Paul Rhoads looks at it.


One of the factors that can help a team face a challenge is experience.


On the offensive side of the ball, it is interesting to note that Iowa State’s key ball handlers – QB Austen Arnaud and TB Alexander Robinson – enter the 2010 season with more combined career yardage than any of the projected starting duos in the Big 12. Here’s the list:


Iowa State – Arnaud (5,074 yards passing) and Robinson (2,363 yards rushing)

Texas A&M – Jerrod Johnson (6,064) and Cyrus Gray (1,120)

Texas Tech – Taylor Potts (4,109) and Baron Batch (1,685)

Missouri – Blaine Gabbert (3,636) and Derrick Washington (2,085)

Oklahoma – Landry Jones (3,198) and DeMarco Murray (2,471)

Nebraska – Zac Lee (2,148) and Roy Helu, Jr. (2,244)

Baylor – Robert Griffin (2,572) and Jay Finley (1,442)

Colorado – Tyler Hansen (1,720) and Rodney Stewart (1,426)

Oklahoma State – Brandon Weeden (256) and Kendall Hunter (2,741)

Kansas State – Carson Coffman (1,167) and Daniel Thomas (1,265)

Texas – Garrett Gilbert (310) and Tre’ Newton (673)

Kansas – Kale Pick (22) and Angus Quigley (407)


Defensively, the Cyclones will feature a number of new starters this season. But, experience is certainly plentiful on the sidelines. Consider that Rhoads, Wally Burnham and Bobby Elliott have combined for 94 years of college coaching experience and 42 seasons as defensive coordinators.


Burnham has coordinated defenses at six different schools, Elliott at four and Rhoads at two. It’s a safe bet that not many schools in the nation have that level of defensive expertise to draw from.


Now, the fun is about to begin. The countdown to kickoff continues.



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