Freshmen impact soccer squad


Sometimes, coaching transitions take time as teams get adjusted to new staffs and different styles of play. What generally eases that transition, however, is when new coaches evaluate, recruit and sign their own players.

College women’s soccer doesn’t have an NCAA-mandated recruiting calendar and because of the timing of prep, club and college seasons, soccer coaches can’t assemble their own teams as quickly as other sports.

Three years ago, Coach Wendy Dillinger took the reins of the Cyclone program. But, the current season is the first one in which “her” players have earned prominent roles.

Iowa State’s 5-1-2 start is pretty exciting when you consider that five of the seven women who have scored goals this season are freshmen. Emily Goldstein and Brittany Morgan lead the team with two goals each and both are rookies. Of the top five players on the stat sheet for total shots, four are freshmen. Goalkeeper Maddie Jobe has authored three shutouts in her five starts and, yes, she’s a freshman, too.

Dillinger’s club will get a test tonight as Iowa brings a 6-1 record into the annual Cy-Hawk Series match-up. The game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. in Ames and it will be the real home debut for the Cyclones, who had to host an earlier game this season off campus. As you recall, the ISU Soccer Field was flooded this summer and Friday’s game is the first time Iowa State gets to perform on its real home.

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