Departure details set for Huskers & Buffaloes


News broke earlier this week that financial details for Nebraska and Colorado to leave the Big 12 Conference at the end of the year have been finalized. That is good news.

There hasn’t been much debate about the Cornhuskers’ end date as a league member, but the Buffaloes’ transition was up-in-the-air prior to Tuesday. What’s clear is that both schools wanted to leave ASAP and that is positive for the league as well.

When the Big 12 announced earlier this summer that the conference would remain together with 10 schools, our administrative staff had a debriefing meeting right away. Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard said that many details would be ironed out in the coming months, but football scheduling jumped to the top of his priority list.

The uncertainty of league membership for 2011 (read Colorado) certainly hampered future football scheduling. In fact, various draft schedules were recently studied by ADs. Some versions included CU and others did not. Now, the league can move forward quickly to finalize future schedules. That will be a high priority at Big 12 meetings next week.

Losing the Huskers and Buffaloes changes the Big 12 for sure. It is interesting, however, that the remaining 10 members have combined for 27 of the league’s 31 bowl appearances the last four years, all 37 men’s basketball NCAA tourney bids the last seven years and 30-of-33 women’s basketball tournament appearances the last six seasons.

The Big 12 will, indeed, survive and likely prosper moving forward.

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