Unsettled rosters a challenge for hoops coaches

The waiting game continues in a number of college basketball gyms across the nation.

Full-team practices started last week and the real games begin soon.

Yet, several schools are waiting to get eligibility issues resolved for key players. The NCAA has an extremely challenging job in evaluating eligibility in some cases and they work tirelessly to make decisions fairly and timely.

The status of three players listed among Rivals Top 12 recruits from last year – Kansas guard Josh Selby (#1 player), Kentucky center Enes Kanter (#3) and Missouri forward Tony Mitchell (#12) – are all waiting to learn of their status. Interestingly, Selby was selected Thursday as the Big 12 Pre-season Freshman of the Year.

Iowa State is in a similar circumstance with Royce White, a transfer from Minnesota. His eligibility status is under review and a decision is likely coming soon. But, there are certainly challenges for coaches whose final rosters are unsettled as practice begins.

“A lot of what we do offensively (will be dependent upon) if he is eligible or not,” Coach Fred Hoiberg said.

The NCAA has a hard job to do. The coaches do, too, in trying to build their teams with unsettled rosters. The most important thing is for the correct decisions to be made in the timeliest manner possible. Fair decisions, however, outweigh fast decisions.

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