Author suggests athletics must be part of core mission

Many people refer to intercollegiate athletics as the “front porch” of an institution. Others call it a “window” through which people observe the school.

It seems that school pride is measured each Monday at office water coolers across the nation. That is when alums from different schools congregate to brag about their alma mater’s weekend performances on the field.

Recently, Charles T. Clotfelter – a professor of public policy, economics and law at Duke University – authored an article for The Chronicle of Higher Education called “Is Sports in Your Mission Statement?”

In the piece, he suggests that schools should consider intercollegiate athletics competition as a “core function” of the institution.

Iowa State University’s support of the academic and athletics pursuits of its student-athletes is an important priority. Led by President Gregory Geoffroy, the Cyclones receive tremendous positive leadership from the institution. It is an important goal on this campus to provide the support for athletes to succeed academically, athletically and as people.

Clotfelter’s opinions will be applauded by some and criticized by others. But, it’s an interesting read nonetheless. Click here for the article.

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