Christopherson’s confidence soaring


Sometimes, it’s merely confidence. Fred Hoiberg, the 2005 NBA three-point shooting leader, has personal experience with shot making success.

And, Hoiberg, feels that Scott Christopherson "is playing with so much confidence that he thinks every shot he takes is going in. And, I feel the same (way)."

Christopherson is playing with decent health and a heavy dose of freedom in Hoiberg’s open-court offense. The result is that he’s making 54.9% from three-point range.

A year ago, Christopherson made 42.9% on three pointers while battling mono for much of the conference season. In his freshman year at Marquette, he played in only 18 games (40% on 3’s) after early season knee woes.

This season, he was slowed briefly by a bum ankle but his success along with Hoiberg’s encouragement to shoot often has sparked his game and taken the attention away from his sore ankle.

He has already posted huge scoring games against Iowa (30 points, 7-12 three pointers), Cal (25, 7-13) and Drake (29, 5-5).

His confidence is high because he puts in the work (hoisting about 300 shots a day) and has a coach pushing him to keep shooting because "he is taking real good shots."

It’s a good bet that more explosive shooting days are ahead.


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