Shoot? Pass? Garrett doing both.


Nearly four decades ago, there was a sleek and smooth guard tearing up the National Basketball Association.

Playing the 1972-73 season for the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, Nate "Tiny" Archibald registered one of the best statistical seasons in NBA history.

The 6-1 Archibald set a league scoring record for guards (34.0 ppg) and set an NBA season mark with 910 assists (11.4 / game). Archibald made or assisted on 53% of the Kings’ baskets that year.

Garrett, a distinctly different type of player than Archibald, has directly impacted 45.1% of the Cyclones’ field goals to date and is averaging a team-best 17.0 points per game and leading the Big 12 with 6.0 assists per game. He’s also second in the conference in steals (2.33 / game).

Keeping up those numbers for Garrett will be tough as the schedule is about to get tough. But, it’s an impressive start none-the-less.

In Big 12 history, here are the players who have ranked in the league’s top five in both scoring and assists in the same season:  Sherron Collins, KU, 2009; D.J. Augustin, UT, 2008; Acie Law, A&M, 2007; Curtis Stinson, ISU, 2006 & 2004; Bernard King, A&M, 2001; Tyronn Lue, NU, 1998; Reggie Freeman, UT, 1997 and Chauncey Billups, CU, 1997.

Garrett’s productivity has been a blessing for ISU.

"I feel he (Diante) is one of the most underrated players in the country," Coach Fred Hoiberg said. "He just does everything we need."

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