The impact of one player can be dramatic


How much can one player affect a team?

Cam Newton showed up at Auburn and the Tigers became BCS national football champions. Newton was first in the nation in pass efficiency, 15th in rushing offense and accounted for more TDs than any player in America this year. The Tigers’ scoring averaged jumped 9.6 points per game after his arrival.

At his news conference this week, Iowa State women’s basketball coach Bill Fennelly noted how much 6-foot-8 National Player of the Year candidate Brittney Griner impacts Baylor’s program.

"Brittney Griner changes the way other teams have to guard," Fennelly said. "Everyone changes for Griner."

For Fennelly’s team, he believes that his 6-foot-6 sophomore Anna Prins has the potential to similarly impact games.

"Anna Prins makes you change, too," Fennelly said, "and that’s a good thing for our team if we use it right."

Prins is finally healthy and has been a different player mentally since the holiday break.

In her last two outings, she has averaged 18.5 points and 7.5 rebounds in just 21.5 minutes of play.

"She (Anna) impacts our team," Fennelly said. "Her points-per-minute are pretty dramatic."

Prins is scoring 19.7 points for every 40 minutes played, tops on the team. Griner is 22.0.

"If we can get (her playing) 25-26-27 minutes," Fennelly explained, "that will really change our team for the better."

Next up is Nebraska tonight at Hilton Coliseum. Maybe, it will be another step forward for the Cyclones’ impact player.

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