Hype was yesterday; check production in ’15


Hype vs. production. Yesterday, was all about hype for college football. The next 4-5 years will determine production.

Rivals ranks the Top 50 recruiting classes annually and 34 schools have made that list each of the last five years. The normal suspects — USC, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Auburn, Michigan, Miami, Tennessee and UCLA — were the best 15 over the last five seasons.

From that list, UCLA posted a losing record (28-35) on the field from 2006-10. The Volunteers (46th), Wolverines (51st), Hurricanes (56th), Fighting Irish (58) and Seminoles (64th) had winning percentages which rated far outside of the Top 15 (their recruiting rank) for that time period.

Surprising to me was the fact that Illinois (.419 win percentage), Minnesota (.365) and Colorado (.344) made Rivals’ Top 50 list four of the last five years.

Many times, the hype doesn’t translate to production.

The big on-field winners from 2006-10 based upon winning percentage included #1 Boise State (never rated in Rivals’ Top 50), #3 TCU (ranked 46th twice), #8 BYU (40th in 2010 and 50th in 2009) and #8 Utah (32nd in 2010 and 44th in 2009).

What happened? The 3-stars at Boise State (Kellen Moore, Titus Young and Austin Pettis) and TCU (Andy Dalton) and the 2-stars at BYU (Max Hall) and Utah (Brian Johnson) produced collegiately like 5-stars.

Hype vs. production. Let’s talk again in 2015.

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