Fennelly leaning on his one senior & she’s responded


Bill Fennelly has had a lot of great teams at Iowa State. That means he’s also had a lot of great seniors. The two go hand-in-hand in his program.

"We are a senior-dominated place," Fennelly said of his program. "And, they (seniors) do a lot behind the scenes. I ask them to do so much as leaders."

This is an odd year because Ida Grove’s Kelsey Bolte is the only senior on the team. This is Fennelly’s first team with a lone senior.

In preparation for this season, Fennelly said he had multiple meetings with Bolte about the season ahead and her specific responsibilities.

"Just she and I had a meeting (in August) and I told her she needed to tell me when she couldn’t handle (all the responsibilities)," Fennelly said, "and, then I would step in (for awhile)."

"I can handle anything you give me," Bolte shot back.

"And, I believed her," Fennelly said.

Today, it’s easy to note her 22-point scoring average (3rd in the league) or applaud her long-range shooting skills (1st in the Big 12 in three-point percent).
But, Fennelly knows her contributions extend far beyond the court.

"The biggest thing to me is the impact she continues to make as a human being," Fennelly said. "When you discuss the special people who have played here (at Iowa State), she’s on that list."

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