It’s about measurables to the NFL scouts


In the Bergstrom Athletic Facility Tuesday, it’s data collection day for National Football League scouts.

A number of NFL representatives are expected to be on hand to test, talk to and evaluate Iowa State’s prospects for their league. Eleven Cyclones will participate in some fashion with Ben Lamaak, Collin Franklin, David Sims and Alexander Robinson expected to draw much of the attention.

It’s an interesting exercise because of the event’s focus.

When you’re around college football coaches, you often hear them say "he’s just a good football player" when assessing a prospect’s talent. On signing day, especially, that’s a common comment.

Today, you won’t hear that from the NFL scouts. Instead, they will be chattering about 40 yard times, weight lifting reps, height and shuttle speeds.

You just don’t hear the refrain of "he’s just a good football player".

Some professional dreams will get a lift today and others may end. But, the reason will be in the measurables, not whether "he’s just a good football player."

Coverage of the event will be posted to later today.

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