NBA Draft projections favor Big 12 prospects


Beyond creating talk at the local coffee shop or your favorite gathering spot, mock drafts aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

Those in the prediction business love to tout their correct calls, but we never seem to re-visit the bad misses.

All mock drafts for the NBA are wild projections right now. Many players are not even sure if they are coming out early or staying. Tristan Thompson and Jordan Hamilton of Texas said recently they are returning. But, the Longhorns’ Kevin Durant did the same thing a couple of years ago and still left for the pros.

After reviewing six different mock drafts, it would appear the Big 12 could suffer the most losses. In only one of the lists, did the Big 12 not have the most projections for the first round. The number of top-round draft picks from the Big 12 fluctuated between 6-8.

These are the names being tossed around as possible early entrants from the Big 12: Perry Jones (Baylor), Thompson and Hamilton (Texas), Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, Josh Selby and Thomas Robinson (Kansas) and Alec Burks (Colorado).

That list doesn’t include senior stars from the league such as LaceDarius Dunn (the Big 12’s career scoring leader from Baylor), Iowa State’s Diante Garrett, Colorado’s Cory Higgins and K-State’s Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly.

In the coming months, NBA personnel people will likely be watching a lot of video on the Big 12. There is a lot of talent to assess.

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