Jimmer, Ivy or Maravich could have helped Monday


Jimmer Fredette won the 2011 Naismith Award Monday, given to the top college men’s basketball player in the nation.

I had not seen him play often this season other than BYU’s tournament elimination game against Florida when he took 29 shots.

It seemed like he shot a lot all season long. In looking at his stat line – 765 shots in 37 games, an average of 21 shots per game – he did shoot a lot.

Thirty-five years ago, Hercle "Poison" Ivy was shooting a lot for the Cyclones. He launched 692 attempts in a 26-game season in 1974-75. Ivy averaged 26.6 shots per game.

Fredette made 9.4 shots per game this season and Ivy connected on more than 12 per game in ’75. For comparison sake, Butler made 12 shots in the NCAA Championship game Monday.

I liked Ivy as a kid and pretended I was him in driveway shooting games.

Ivy won’t be confused with Fredette. Much different players in much different eras.

As I was thinking about Jimmer’s freedom and willingness to shoot, images of "Pistol" Pete Maravich also came to mind. Maravich was the second ever winner of the Naismith Award in 1970.

That year, Pete played in 31 games and shot 1,168 times. He took nearly 38 shots per game. And, he made 16.7 per game.

The winner of Monday night’s championship game – UConn – made 19 shots. I think a dose of Fredette, Ivy or Maravich might have spiced up that Butler-UConn battle just a bit.

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