Renderings for new video board released later today

The first signs of site preparation for the support structure of the new video display board at Jack Trice Stadium appeared this week as fencing along the side of the Jacobson Athletic Building was removed.

Later this morning, Iowa State Athletics will share a handful of renderings and display board options for the scoreboard being installed at Jack Trice Stadium this off-season.

The top of the video display will be taller than the height of 10 basketball hoops piled on top of each other.

The size of the video display will be five times larger than the current board.

The pillars of the support structure will measure 8 feet wide and 14 feet deep.

The length of the structure will be 1/3 longer than the present press tower at the stadium.

The holes – about to be drilled in the ground – to hold the support structure will be 65 feet deep.

Be sure to check later today to review project details and get a sense of what the end product may look like.

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