Equal revenue shares for Big 12 Fox Deal

The spring meeting of Big 12 Directors of Athletics ended Thursday and much of the discussion was about operational issues for the 10-team league.

One of the most noteworthy decisions by the league ADs was to equally distribute nearly $1 billion in revenues to be generated over the life of a 13-year conference partnership with Fox Sports for second-tier football television rights.

That decision is in stark contrast to how most television revenue was divided in prior years.  Prior to this decision, the majority of television revenue was provided to the schools that appeared on the actual telecasts. 

As a result of this decision, the Big 12 will now share its overall revenue more equally than any time in its history– clearly a sign that the 10 institutions are committed to the “new Big 12”.

Commissioner Dan Beebe also reiterated that the Big 12 will remain a 10-team league and that no secret search is underway to identify new conference members.

True league champions will be crowned in most sports. There will be no complaining about unbalanced schedules in the Big 12’s future.

“Now, I can say this: I was always a bit jealous of the Pac-10,” Beebe said in reference to that league’s former practice of playing a round-robin schedule in football and home/away round-robins in basketball.

The competitive excellence of the Big 12 is among the best in the nation. That won’t change. There is, however, a renewed commitment by league members to one another and a stronger financial foundation.

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