Making it easier to follow the Cyclones

You may have noticed a few recent changes to

As technology continues to explode, we are trying to keep up and deliver our content in new ways.

We have improved our video distribution capabilities through an enhanced media player and direct links to videos from stories. We are offering video / audio packages together (yearly, 4-month or monthly memberships) in the Clone Zone for the first time ever.

Sometimes, you just have to marvel at the impact of …
* Facebook  – its community would be the third-largest country in the world
* Twitter – nearly 55 million “tweets” are shared daily and 300,000 join the fad every day; and
* YouTube – more than 24 hours of video are added every minute of every day.

To take of advantage of these channels, we have aggressively used them to share our news. You can see a comprehensive list who participates on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by clicking here.

Our communications staff will host live blogs at many more home events this year. We continue to add elements to the Cyclone Mobile Network. Several thousand people are already enjoying the alerts, promotions and give-aways on their mobile devices.

We are also trying to make more portable to fit into your busy schedule. New apps for the iPhone and Android are available in their markets. An iPad app is soon to be launched, too.

We greatly appreciate your loyal support of the program and hope that these technological advancements make the experience better for you.

Reader feedback is welcome at You can also follow me on Twitter at:


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