Rhoads & Herman ready to speed it up


Paul Rhoads and offensive coordinator Tom Herman want to use tempo as a tool to keep opposing defenses off balance.

Herman’s background includes directing a record-shattering offense at Rice in 2008. The Owls played fast and averaged 74.2 plays per game.

“Jet tempo” is term the Cyclones have attached to the fast pace and you’ll likely see more of it in 2011.

Part of the reason for its use is Herman’s familiarity with it. Part of the reason is that Rhoads watched first-hand the speed with which league rival Oklahoma operates. Rhoads also confirmed that his staff has studied other quick tempo teams.

“Northwestern is one (of the teams studied) that comes to mind,” Rhoads said. “Teams that need to be unique, offensively and defensively, because they’ are going to be outmanned in a number of games” might employ this tempo.

Eight schools nationally ran at least 1,000 plays last fall. Oklahoma (which averaged five plays more per game than anyone else) was joined by Texas Tech and Texas A&M as Big 12 schools averaging nearly 80 plays per game.

In the last three seasons, Iowa State has averaged 69 plays per game. That may change this fall as Rhoads and Herman step on the gas pedal and quicken the pace.

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