Peaks & plateaus, not valleys


Iowa State Coach Paul Rhoads said his post-game speech to the team after beating Iowa 44-41 in triple overtime won’t be a YouTube sensation.

Rhoads, of course, made the reference in light of the fact his after-game comments after winning at Nebraska two years ago was viewed by more than 330,000 people.

Rhoads hasn’t been afraid to show emotion in his first two years. He also likes his team to play on the edge emotionally and be passionate.

“I don’t have trouble finding words very often,” Rhoads said. “But, I had trouble in the locker room and am having trouble right now (in the news conference).

But, he also shared that he is taking a bit different approach with his club in 2011.

“One thing we talked about going into the year is being a peak and plateau team and not sinking down into the valley,” Rhoads said. “You (don’t want to be) so low in your mindset that you can’t comeback. When things start going against us, we hit the plateau and start coming back up.”

In other words, he’s seeking passion but in a controlled manner.

With a fourth-quarter comeback in the opener and the dramatic three overtime decision over Iowa, it’s pretty apparent the players are listening. There have been some plateaus for sure. But, if the Cyclones keep getting back up there is no ceiling to what they can accomplish.

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