The impact of Texas is felt in different ways


There has been a lot recent discussion about the importance of the University of Texas to the Big 12. The school and its athletics program are, indeed, nationally prominent.

But, another asset that Texas (now, I’m referring to the state) provides the Big 12 is a fertile recruiting area. More than 1,200 high schools play football in that state and more than 300 prep players get Division 1A scholarships annually.

Iowa State recruits Texas hard and nearly two dozen players on the current Cyclone roster grew up in the Lone Star state.

All Big 12 members – Baylor (107 players from Texas), Iowa State (22), Kansas (37), Kansas State (17), Missouri (35), Oklahoma (56), Oklahoma State (69), Texas (103), Texas A&M (109) and Texas Tech (93) – recruit the state for football talent.

The Cyclones are about to begin a stretch of four games in five weeks against schools from the state of Texas. Paul Rhoads and his staff love telling Texas prospects that the Cyclones will be making regular trips to their state so family and friends can watch them play.

A conference is a consortium of schools with different strengths, weaknesses and agendas. No two schools have the same profile and UT does stand alone in some areas.

But (the state of) Texas is an asset for this conference that just keeps giving. If you don’t believe it, check out the league’s rosters.

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