Fennelly is looking for the “face of the program”


“The face of the program” is how Coach Bill Fennelly described the critical leadership position for his Cyclone program.

For the last six years, Fennelly has been able to lean on Lyndsey Medders, Alison Lacey and Kelsey Bolte for leadership. However, this is a new season.

“We’re searching for leaders,” Fennelly said. “Hopefully, someone will emerge. On the good teams we’ve had, there has been a surprise (player). We need a surprise to step forward and be the person we can count on.”

When someone at media day suggested that Fennelly, himself, was the face of the program he grimaced.

“If I’m the face of the program, then we have a major problem,” he said.

Fennelly pointed to his team’s locker room and noted there is a wall honoring prior leaders.

“I’m waiting for someone on this team to earn a spot on that wall,” he said. “If we find that, we have a chance to be a decent team.”

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