Rhoads hits the re-set button as second-half begins


It’s the mid-way point of the football season and Coach Paul Rhoads took the opportunity Monday to hit the re-set button.

“The odds makers and prognosticators have us a 1-5 football team,” Rhoads said. “We’re a 3-3 football team.”

The Cyclones have authored three-game winning and losing streaks to reach this point.

“We’re in a position to meet the expectations for our 2011 football team,” Rhoads said, “but, to do that, we need to correct some deficiencies we’ve had the last three weeks.”

Rhoads said his team “laid an egg” at Missouri in what he described as one of the two worst performances of his head coaching tenure (Utah last season was the other). He felt that an “off week” was coming.

“You’ve got to play through those and coach through it,” he said. “It’s my responsibility to get our kids ready to play and, in their minds, that we will (compete).”

Rhoads has seen some improvement in recent weeks.

“We’ve eliminated some of the foolish penalties on offense and created some turnovers on defense,” Rhoads said. “We’ve taken a team that wasn’t supposed to win (the Iowa and UConn) games and played better and smarter to win on the scoreboard.”

Four of the final six games are against nationally ranked teams. His squads have been resilient in the past, so it’s plausible to expect a competitive drive in the second half of the year.

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