More proof of Big 12 power on gridiron


The marquee game in college football this week is a Big 12 battle between ninth-ranked Oklahoma and No. 8 Kansas State. It’s the lone match-up of Top Ten teams.

The Big 12 and SEC have jockeyed back-and-forth for conference supremacy all season. To date, those leagues have played the most ranked teams and won their share.

Against A.P.-ranked schools, the SEC is 10-3 and the Big 12 is 7-4. The other four automatic qualifying conferences are a combined 10-8. The Big Ten (3-4) and Big East (0-1) have losing records against ranked competition.

What do Nebraska, Michigan, Penn State, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Cincinnati and USC have in common? They are ranked in the current A.P. Top 25 despite no victories over nationally rated foes.

Most college football analysts and fans would say the Big 12 and SEC are the strongest leagues. Presently, there are five nationally schools in the Big 12 (50% of its membership), SEC (42%) and Big Ten (42%).

Here is how those leagues  break down vs. rated schools this season:
SEC – LSU (5-0), Alabama (3-0), Arkansas (2-1), South Carolina (0-0), Georgia (0-2)
Big 12 – Oklahoma St. (2-0), K-State (1-0), Oklahoma (2-0), Texas A&M (1-2), Texas Tech (1-2)
Big Ten – Michigan St. (2-0), Nebraska (0-1), Wisconsin (1-1), Michigan (0-1), Penn State (0-1)

There’s a lot of games yet to be played. But, to this point in the season, the power base clearly rests in the Big 12 and the SEC.

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