Re-alignment paid little attention to geography. Thousand miles trips could be common.

Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Pitt, Syracuse, TCU, Texas A&M, Utah and West Virginia have changed / will be changing conference addresses. There are probably another half-dozen schools, who will reside in different leagues, when the Big East makes final decisions.

The reasons for the moves are varied. One factor that hasn’t driven re-alignment is geographical location to current league members.

Some of the comments about West Virginia’s addition to the Big 12 earlier this fall poked fun at the school’s distance from current members. But, conference boundaries have been stretched for all of the AQ conferences.

Here is a list of conference road trips of at least 1,000 miles — the ACC will have seven, Big Ten one, Big 12 six, Pac-12 eighteen and the SEC two) once the re-alignment takes affect:

ACC: Pitt-FSU (1,047 miles), BC-Ga. (1,061), Pitt-MIA (1,176), SYR-FSU (1,237), BC-FSU (1,318), SYR-MIA (1,422) and BC-MIA (1,589)

Big Ten: NEB-PSU (1,072)

Big 12: WVU-OSU (1,085), WVU-OU (1,136), WVU-TCU (1,236), WVU-BAY (1,299), WVU-UT (1,400) and WVU-TT (1,466)

Pac-12: UCLA-CU (1,072), USC-CU (1,072), WSU-UCLA (1,122), WSU-USC (1,122), UW-UCLA (1,136), UW-USC (1,136), WSU-CU (1,142), ORE-ASU (1,238), CU-CAL (1,250), OSU-ASU (1,282), CU-STAN (1,289), WSU-ASU (1,291), UW-CU (1,323), ORE-UA (1,342), OSU-UA (1,386), WSU-UA (1,396), UW-ASU (1,469), UW-UA (1,574)

SEC: MIZ-FLA (1,014) and A&M-USC (1,072)

The trips boldfaced include a school which made / will make a league change. Of the 34 trips listed, 56% include schools in new conference locales.

The BIG EAST wasn’t included in the research because its membership is unsettled.

Recent reports said that the BIG EAST may pursue SMU, Houston, Central Florida, Air Force, Navy and Boise State for football membership.

If that occurs, the Big East would have 46 trips of more than 1,000 miles and 44 of them would be due to recent membership additions.

West Virginia is outside of the Big 12 region. But think about this. Should San Diego State join the Big East, its AVERAGE road trip would be 1,954 miles.

The recent conference shifting has extended boundaries significantly for everyone. It’s more a sign of the times than anything.

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