The job description for playing point guard for Fennelly is extensive


There is a display wall in the Cyclone women’s basketball locker room at the Sukup Complex featuring professional players. A lot of former point guards are pictured on that wall.

Coach Bill Fennelly readily admits that point guard is the most important position in his program.

“They are the face of the team, must want to have the ball, must want to dictate the pace of play and (can) score,” Fennelly said. “We want someone who embraces the position the way it has been played in the past.”

Most of the time, coaches seek physical gifts in the players they recruit. But, it is apparent that Fennelly demands more than quickness, shooting / ball skills and decision making from his point guards.

“We want someone who will accept the responsibility of the position,” Fennelly said.

There is an amazing point guard legacy at ISU. If you have the determination and patience to learn the requirements, earning a space on that wall of fame is worth the investment.

“I tell all of the recruits that playing point guard is the best position at Iowa State,” Fennelly said. “It’s also the worst. I demand a lot but also give a lot of freedom.”

Many coaches say that basketball is a guard’s game. For Iowa State women’s basketball, the focus narrows even more… it’s a point guard’s game.

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