Hoiberg’s NBA career exposed him to several kinds of teams and it helped him build chemistry with his Cyclones


Fred Hoiberg has been asked if the success of his second Cyclone team has been surprising. He said “no” and noted that he liked the team’s potential.

The question keeps coming up because of the unique composition of the team with so many newcomers, including five transfers. People wondered how quickly the group would gel.

Hoiberg’s playing experience in the NBA exposed him to several types of teams and prepared him for developing a good chemistry with this year’s Cyclones.

“Indiana was as professional of a team (as it could be),” Hoiberg said. “Guys came to work and every single day was a clinic.”

“Chicago was a very young team with a lot of potential,” Hoiberg said. “I didn’t think it was the right mindset and it’s tough with that many young guys.”

“At Minnesota, there were some real personalities,” Hoiberg said. “But, when it came to go, we were pretty darn good and everybody was on the same page”

Hoiberg’s NBA career was helpful in getting this year’s Cyclones on the same page.

“Having been through three different scenarios – two of them very successful and one, to be blunt, terrible (the Bulls were 83-245 over four years) – you try to pass on (info).” Hoiberg said.

Thankfully, it looks like the 2012 Cyclones are following the path of the Pacers and Timberwolves.

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