Moving the ball, Hoiberg says, leads to good looks


Fred Hoiberg talks relentlessly about floor spacing and moving the ball. In Hoiberg’s view, that generates good looks at the basket. It’s an area that he has seen great progress with this year’s Cyclones.

“Our ball movement has been outstanding, especially the last couple of weeks” Hoiberg said Monday. “We’ve been finding the extra man and making unselfish plays.”

The statistics back up Hoiberg’s assertion. Iowa State has recorded an assist on more than two-thirds (.678) of its field goals the last five games. The Cyclones are fourth – behind Kansas, Missouri and Baylor – in the Big 12 in percentage of field goals with an assist.

“When your best player is unselfish, it’s tends to rub off,” Hoiberg said of Royce White. “We’ve gotten better as the season has gone on in that area, but it all starts with Royce because he facilitates our offense so much.”

Ball movement is the key in getting good looks at the basket because the Cyclones don’t possess a drive-and-dish point guard like last year (when Diante Garrett led the Big 12 in assists).

“We’re getting great open looks,” Hoiberg said. “If we continue to play that way, I think we’ll have a chance to win (any of the remaining games).”

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