White is one of two players nationally ranked towards the top of his league in rebounds & assists.


Royce White is second in the Big 12 in rebounds (9.2) and third in assists (6.18). That is a truly unusual mix. Big, strong rebounders aren’t normally excellent facilitators.

When you think about good rebounders and accomplished passers, Magic Johnson’s name quickly surfaces. At Michigan State, Magic’s career rebound and assist averages were 7.6 and 7.9 per game.

More than 40 years ago (1967-68) in the NBA, Wilt Chamberlain committed to passing one year and led the league in assists (8.6). Chamberlain, the league’s all-time rebound leader, had been the NBA scoring champion seven years in a row before deciding to try and lead the circuit in assists that year.

Johnson and Chamberlain, like White, were large men with the talent (Magic) and / or desire (Chamberlain) to pass.

White is currently one of two college players nationally ranked in the Top 3 of his conference in both rebounds and assists. Vermont’s Brian Voelkel is second in both rebounding (8.3) and assists (5.0) in the America East Conference.

In a conference like the Big 12 when the competition includes rugged rebounders like Thomas Robinson (No. 2 nationally) and slick passers (three of the NCAA’s Top 25 for assists), White’s statistics stand pretty tall.

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