Round-robin slate in Big 12 a huge boost at tourney selection time.

During this silly season of resume enhancement by basketball programs, it’s worth noting the boost Big 12 schools get from their conference round-robin schedule.

Being in a strong conference is one thing. But, to get the benefit of that membership in the ratings indexes, you have to play the best schools, too. The unbalanced schedules of most leagues skew the numbers.

League champ Kansas defeated four Top 10 schools this year, tied with Ohio State for the national lead. Missouri had three such wins, joining Kentucky, Michigan and Indiana.

Among the schools currently ranked in the AP poll, here is a list of those with fewer wins over Top 10 teams than Iowa State (the Cyclones beat Kansas and Baylor): #2 Syracuse (one), #6 Duke (one), #8 Michigan State (one), #11 Murray State (none), #12 Baylor (none), #14 Wisconsin (one), #16 Wichita State (none), #18 San Diego State (none), #19 Creighton (none), #20 UNLV (one), #21 Temple (one), #22 Florida (none) and #24 Gonzaga (none).

Good wins aw supposedly a resume enhancer. With the Big 12 Tournament up next and a round-robin league slate already on the books, ISU is in a strong position (with more ahead) for Selection Sunday.


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