Cyclones wait is over and now it’s a chance for school and league to impress


It was either a long wait or just a brief respite. It depends on how you chose to assess Iowa State’s return to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

For long-time followers of the program it’s been seven years since the Cyclones went dancing.

For those looking at Sunday’s announcement as inevitable because of a 22-win season, the wait was brief. ISU was added to the bracket before you could get comfy in Hilton or at home on the couch.

The Cyclones got the lowest eight seed, which fell in line with how the Big 12 was treated overall. It’s not apparent how a league with three schools which spent most of the year in the nation’s Top 10 (find me another league that can say that), would fail to land a #1 seed.

Do you have any idea how many times a Big 12 school was ranked in the Associated Press Top 10 this winter?

Try 37 times (Mizzou 14, Baylor 14 and KU nine). The only league with more was the Big East with 46 (Syracuse 18 and UConn nine led the way). It should be noted the Big East has six more teams than the Big 12 so their opportunities were far more plentiful.

The ACC had 36 (UNC and Duke with 18 each), the Big Ten 30 (topped by OSU’s 18 and MSU with nine) and the SEC 25 (all but seven by Kentucky).

Since the Big 12’s regular season didn’t impress sufficiently, the NCAA Tournament is another opportunity to prove its worthiness.

Iowa State has one of those opportunities with the defending NCAA champions and the overall #1 seed sitting on its path of advancement.

Let the games begin. The bickering about the brackets is tiresome.

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