Big 12 puts significantly higher percentage of teams in “Big Dance” than anyone else


When the pundits talk about college basketball supremacy, tales from Tobacco Road always seem to dominate. Dickie V.’s world revolves around the Dukies and Heels.

Other analysts mix in a few kind things about the ‘Cuse and UConn or Wildcat Nation and the Izzone. How about the Big 12?

After consecutive days of bracket unveiling for NCAA Championship play, the Big 12 stands tallest among the major conferences and by a wide margin.

A higher percentage of Big 12 teams accepted invites to the “Big Dance” than any other league. With seven schools in the women’s field and six teams in the men’s field, 65% of the Big 12 squads will play in the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

The Big Ten (54.2% – seven women’s teams, six men’s teams), Big East (50% – eight women, eight men), SEC (50% – eight women, four men), ACC (37.5% – four women, five men) and Pac-12 (16.7% – two women, two men) trail the Big 12’s pace.

To be fair, Allen Field House and KU get some mention from the talking heads. But, it’s probably time to recognize the successes of some others in this league as well.

The Cyclones, Bears, Jayhawks, Wildcats and Longhorns qualified both its men’s and women’s teams to the NCAA Tournament. That’s half the league. No other conference even comes close.

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