Camp opens & scouts evaluate; a beginning for some and an end for others.


For some Iowa State football players, today is the start. For others, it’s the finish.

Paul Rhoads will blow the whistle this afternoon as roughly 100 players begin spring workouts with an eye towards the fall. Spring training – which includes 15 practices – begins in the Bergstrom Athletic Center.

Many eyes will be on the quarterback race where Steele Jantz and Jared Barnett are on the top line of the depth chart. First-year offensive coordinator Courtney Messingham begins his tutoring of that competition. Additionally, coaches Todd Sturdy (wide receivers) and Troy Douglas (secondary) have their first practices with the Cyclones.

At the other end of the career timeline are the players auditioning for NFL scouts. The prospects will run, jump, lift, perform agility tests and much more under the heavy scrutiny of pro teams.

Some players will solidify their chances to get drafted or invited to a pro camp. Others will realize they aren’t fast enough, quick enough, agile enough or strong enough for the next level.

For both the returning and former Cyclones, there will be a lot of eyes on the action. It’s time to perform.

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