The NFL Draft will likely feature Big 12 quarterbacks, again.


As the 2012 NFL Draft approaches, talk heats up about the quarterback prospects. That’s understandable as Cam Newton (Auburn), Sam Bradford (Oklahoma) and Matt Stafford (Georgia) have been the No. 1 overall pick the last three years.

This year’s debate for top pick centers around Andrew Luck (Stanford) and Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III (Baylor). The Colts will pick one of them, likely Luck per reports, and be very pleased. The Redskins will get the other and celebrate as well.

Shooting up the charts of many draft experts is another Big 12 quarterback, Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill. Another Big 12 gunslinger, Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State), would be getting more mention if he wasn’t already 25 years old. Weeden played pro baseball before leading the Cowboy football team.

The plethora of Big 12 quarterback success isn’t a new phenomenon. People like to criticize Big 12 defenses, but the stellar QB play is what differentiates the Big 12 from other leagues.

In the last three NFL Drafts, six quarterbacks from the Big 12 and SEC have been drafted. The other major conferences lagged behind (ACC – 3, Pac-12 – 3, Big Ten – 3 and Big East – 2).

The Big 12 will break its tie with the SEC in a week when you can surely expect Griffin III and Tannehill to go in the first round while Weeden teeters on the edge of that status.

The NFL scouts certainly recognize what Big 12 fans enjoy each week. That is, outstanding play from the quarterback position.

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