Quantity of NFL picks is irrelevant unless compared to wins, too


College sports information offices around the nation were buzzing with news from the 2012 NFL Draft last week.

Reams of statistics, touting who had the most picks and which conference led with first-round selections, cluttered Twitter.

But, there probably isn’t one college coach in the nation with a clause in his contract stating a bonus plan for number of players drafted. Yet, this data is collected and shared relentlessly.

Someone is trying to make it relevant. What’s really relevant is whether your coach is leading your program to wins, championships or bowls and doing so within the rules while graduating players.

With that as background, I counted the number of NFL Draft picks and the winning percentages (over the last three years) for every AQ conference school plus Notre Dame. Then, the lists were contrasted.

Which schools won the most with the fewest number of draft picks? In other words, who is doing the most with the least?

Here’s the Top 10 in order: Kansas State (28th in win%, 59th in NFL picks), Missouri, Auburn, Texas Tech, Oregon, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, Arkansas, West Virginia, Iowa State (tie) and Georgia Tech (tie).

Which schools won the least with the most number of draft picks? In other words, who is doing the least with the most?

Here’s the Top 10 in order: Illinois (52nd in win%, 18th in NFL picks), Cal, Miami, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, North Carolina (tie), Clemson (tie), Baylor (tie) and Wake Forest.

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