The Big 12 has 50% more players in the NBA Conference Finals than any other league.


A strong case can be made that the best men’s college basketball played last season was in the Big 12. No conference in the nation had three schools – Kansas, Missouri and Baylor – that spent as many weeks in the Associated Press Top Ten as the Big 12.

Apparently, that success isn’t limited to just the past season either. Former Big 12 players dominate the rosters of teams in the NBA conference finals (OKC, SA, MIA and BOS).

In other words, the Big 12 has sent the most players to the best teams in the NBA.

Rosters for those four NBA teams include only three players from the Pac-12, five from the Big Ten and ACC, six from the Big East and eight from the SEC.

The conference with the most players on the rosters of the Thunder, Spurs, Heat and Celtics is the Big 12 with a dozen. That includes starters from Boston (Paul Pierce), Oklahoma City (Kevin Durant) and Miami (Mario Chalmers).

Standing up for the excellence in the Big 12 is pretty easy. All you have to do is state the facts.

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