Champions Bowl created a buzz because Big 12 & SEC teams have historically moved the TV needle.


There was a great deal of buzz generated when the Big 12 and SEC announced that schools from their leagues will meet in a post-season football game called, for the time being, the “Champions Bowl.”

Prior to that announcement, the Rose Bowl (with Pac-12 and Big Ten participants) was the only major bowl with two league affiliations.

As college football moves towards a playoff, the arrangement for the “Champions Bowl” mirrors that of the Rose Bowl. Top schools from the Big 12 & SEC (“Champions”) and Big Ten & Pac-12 (Rose) – who don’t make the playoffs – are paired in bowls.

The “Champions Bowl” is getting a lot of attention and the reason is simple. Since the formation of the Bowl Championship Series in 1999, BCS games involving the SEC and Big 12 have been the most watched on television.

The highest-rated BCS game annually (based upon TV viewership) has featured an SEC team eight times and a Big 12 squad seven times. The Big Ten (three) and Pac-12 (twice) have played in the highest-rated game only five times combined.

Fans and TV execs like seeing the best teams play in post-season competition. That’s why there has been such a buzz about a game with a temporary name but matching up schools from the SEC and Big 12.

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