Cyclones’ “Pillars of Success” form foundation for exciting future


There were only 11 schools in Division 1A athletics whose football team played in a bowl game and the men’s & women’s basketball and volleyball teams participated in their NCAA Championships last season.

Iowa State was one of them.

Much of the credit should be directed toward coaches Paul Rhoads, Fred Hoiberg, Bill Fennelly and Christy Johnson-Lynch.

Hoiberg became the latest of them to show his allegiance to the Cyclones by agreeing recently to an eight-year contract.

“Our recent achievement has been achieved through hard work by many individuals, but the pillars of that success are Paul, Fred, Bill and Christy,” Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard said. “The common trait of these coaches is dynamic leadership. Each has also demonstrated a commitment to Iowa State and a desire to be Cyclones.”

Consider these facts:

·         Rhoads has guided Iowa State to two bowls in the last three years (it had been seven years since that happened)… Rhoads agreed to a 10-year contract extension in 2011;

·         Hoiberg led his Cyclones to their first NCAA Tournament since 2005… Hoiberg agreed to an eight-year contact in May;

·         Fennelly had coached his clubs to the NCAA Tournament six years in a row (unprecedented at Iowa State)… Fennelly agreed to a 12-year contract in 2007; and

·         Johnson-Lynch has taken her program to six straight appearances in the NCAA Championship (unprecedented at the school)… Johnson-Lynch agreed to a four-year contract in 2010.

When you are able to surround yourself with outstanding individuals in leadership positions, there is an opportunity for sustained success. The Cyclones seem pretty well primed for an exciting future.


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