ISU volleyball in nation’s Top 10, but it wasn’t long ago they weren’t in the Big 12’s Top 10


The Iowa State volleyball team is ranked among the nation’s Top 10 teams for 2012. It wasn’t long ago that the Cyclones didn’t rank among the best 10 within their conference.

Times have changed.

Coach Christy Johnson-Lynch and her team didn’t blink at the preseason accolades. Handling the notoriety is part of the process.

“We are really happy but still want more,” Johnson-Lynch said at media day. “We have knocked on the door of the Final Four a couple of times and the next step is to get there. We have knocked on the door of the Big 12 championship and the next step is to get there.”

Several of Johnson-Lynch’s colleagues have told her it’s easier to get there (becoming a premiere program) than stay there.

“One thing we’ve learned is to not take anything for granted after we lost in the first round (of the NCAA Tournament) two years ago,” Johnson-Lynch said.

The 2012 club is deep, as deep as it’s ever been.

“We are carrying 16 players because so many great players wanted to be here,” Johnson-Lynch said. “We can go 3-4 deep at every position.”

This Cyclone team seems poised to show it has some staying power at the top of the college volleyball world. Let the games begin.

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