Bye week is really just additional time to fine tune fundamentals and clean up loose ends


There are several ways for a football team to use bye weeks.

A bye week can be a respite to get healthy, an opportunity to get coaches on the road to recruit, get in some extra lifting, practice younger players or sharpen skills and clean up loose ends.

Paul Rhoads and his staff are focused on the final item listed above.

“Certainly one of our objectives with an open week is to improve as a football team,” Rhoads said after the win over Western Illinois. “We’re going to set out to see how much improvement we can make in the open week and the week’s preparation for the Texas Tech game.”

The Red Raiders also completed the pre-league schedule 3-0 and get a week to rest before coming to Ames.

“We put up a lot of good numbers (vs. WIU), but we didn’t finish things to the level I’d have liked it done,” Rhoads said.

In coach-speak, that translates to “we’re going to use the next 12 days to get better.” We’ll get to start monitoring their progress on the evening of Sept. 29 in Jack Trice Stadium.

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