Eliminate voter bias by just touting the facts


Ranking leagues is like picking Most Valuable Player awards. Choices are made according to what a voter values and that is never consistent.

Roughly a month into the college football season a few things have become evident and one of them is that the Big 12 is arguably the strongest league in the nation from top-to-bottom.

There is no best method for measuring such, just like picking a MVP. But, it is factual that nine of the Big 12 schools are currently receiving votes in the national polls. An even better measure than polls, perhaps, is on-field performance.

Through four weeks, the Big 12 is 6-1 in games against schools from BCS conferences. The only loss was suffered by Oklahoma State at Arizona.

Along with the Big 12’s glitzy 6-1 record against BCS opponents this fall, the Pac-12 is 6-3, the Big East is 5-6, the Big Ten is 5-9, the SEC is 3-6 and the ACC is 3-9.

[Full disclosure: those marks don’t include conference games where both a win and a loss is guaranteed]

Ponder those figures as conference season begins in earnest this week and feel free to tout the Big 12.

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