Run game resurgence needs to be a team effort. Read more from Rhoads.


A couple of weeks ago, Paul Rhoads said he wanted to rush for at least 200 yards per game.

“Right now, I’d settle for 180,” he said Monday after his team netted 65 yards against the nation’s 15th-best rushing defense (Kansas State).

The Cyclones have a pretty glitzy record when they rush for 200 yards or more since Rhoads became coach.

“I’m not a (Rhoads pounded his fist on the table for emphasis!) ‘you’ve got to run the ball guy’,” he said. “But, (he pounded his fist again) you’ve got to run the ball.”

How do you get the ground game gashing opponents? Rhoads listed several areas:

“We’ve got to open bigger holes,” he said of the offensive line.

“We’ve got to make the right run reads consistently,” he said of his backs and QB.

“(We’ve got to) create some plays, which create the holes and space,” he said of his coaches.

“And, we’ve got to make some people miss,” he said of his ballcarriers.

He added that you open the run with the pass and you open the pass with the run.

Confused yet? Rhoads isn’t. He knows a good rushing attack means wins. The data backs him up and he’s determined to get it done.

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