Every game in the Big 12 Saturday includes a BCS-ranked school. No other conference can say that.


When ESPN’s Rece Davis welcomed viewers to the inaugural BCS Rankings Show of the season last Sunday night, there were interested observers all across the Big 12.

When the first slide was unveiled, Iowa State was listed #24. It was the Cyclones’ first-ever appearance in the BCS standings and inclusion meant validity for the program and a nice mental bump for the team.

“We got a nice morale boost at the end of the day (Sunday) discovering we were 24th in the initial BCS rankings,” Coach Paul Rhoads said.

Iowa State was one of seven Big 12 schools included in the ratings. As a result, every conference game this weekend will feature a ranked BCS squad.

The Big 12 is the lone conference that can make that claim.

None of the six Big Ten games this weekend includes a BCS-ranked school. No BCS-rated teams are in four match-ups in the ACC, two in the Big East and one each in the SEC (Auburn-Vanderbilt) and Pac-12 (Washington-Arizona).

That’s simply another show of the top-to-bottom strength in the Big 12.

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