Past investments in Cyclones Athletics starting to show up in championship results


When Jamie Pollard was named Iowa State Athletics Director in 2005, the Cyclones had won four Big 12 championships all-time (first nine seasons).

Pollard felt that number could go up if proper investments were made in the athletics program.

Over the next six years under Pollard’s direction, the Cyclones won another four championships. In other words, the same number of titles in one-third less time. That’s noteworthy, for sure.

Perhaps, another championship run is underway.

Coach Corey Ihmels and his women’s cross country team returned last week from Austin, where it captured its second consecutive Big 12 team championship. This one came by a staggering 47 points. All five Cyclone point scorers made the All-Big 12 team. Betsy Saina and Meaghan Nelson finished first and second as individuals.

The 2012 women’s cross country championship was the 10th Big 12 title for Iowa State and the school’s second in the last 12 months.

When you look at Big 12 eras, it is obvious things are on the rise for the Cyclones:

·        1996-97 thru 2004-05 (9 years):  four titles – MBB twice, WBB and GYM

·        2005-06 thru 2010-11 (6 years):  four titles – GYM and WR three times

·        2011-12 thru 2012-13 (1+ years):  two titles – WXC twice

Much work has gone into building a great foundation for ISU Athletics. Today, the Cyclones are starting to reap some of the rewards from what has been put back into the program.

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