Richardson’s “gamer” performance certainly draws another look from Rhoads


Some coaches struggle with “gamers”. Those are the guys who perform admirably on game-day despite not distinguishing themselves enough on the practice field. Coaches prefer players who earn playing time on the practice field.

“After you watch a performance like that,” Coach Paul Rhoads said, “the burning question is ‘why haven’t you put him in sooner?”

The him, of course, was rookie quarterback Sam Richardson.

“He, obviously, hasn’t given us that kind of performance in practice or we probably would have given him an opportunity” Rhoads explained.

As Rhoads assessed Richardson’s readiness all year, he’s been gauging his leadership qualities and composure as well as quarterbacking skills.

“He’s a very composed, poised and almost non-assertive young man,” Rhoads said, “with a very easy-going personality.”

Although that doesn’t sound like a charismatic, rah-rah leader, Rhoads also noted something else about Richardson’s personality. He called him “very easy to like”.

Rhoads said Monday he’ll watch practice this week to gauge the quarterbacks. Richardson’s resume is quite a bit stronger than a week ago now that he’s performed well in the spotlight once.

Whether that makes him a “gamer” or not doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that he “showed us a glimpse of what he’s capable of” Rhoads concluded.

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