Babb’s defense probably doesn’t impress fantasy league players, but it wins games


Iowa State beat BYU by 21 points Saturday in men’s basketball. The Cougars are a top-notch program having qualified for the NCAA Tournament six years in a row.

The Cyclones’ win was their most impressive of the year to date.

On his post-game radio interview, Coach Fred Hoiberg said that Chris Babb was his personal game MVP. That’s the same Babb, who scored five points in 32 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Cyclones two senior transfers – Will Clyburn (a career-best 32 points on a variety of alley-oops, mid-range jumpers and three pointers) and Korey Lucious (nine assist and a clean floor game) – showed the home crowd what they’re capable of.

Babb did what he always does. He dedicates his energies to containing the other team’s best player. Saturday, that was Tyler Haws, who entered the game averaging 22.6 points per game on 50% shooting.

Babb held the high-scoring and clever Cougar to nine points and 4-13 (30.8%) shooting. Babb takes his defensive assignments as they’re presented and just does what the staff asks.

For the people who study box scores or build fantasy teams, Babb doesn’t stand out.

Ask Hoiberg who impacts winning nearly every night and he may very well start with Babb.

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