gets a new carrier with Mediacom partnership

The Iowa State Athletics Department launched last summer to deliver live audio/video coverage of sporting events in an exciting new way via the web.

The online digital network was an “out of box” attempt to deliver more Cyclone content, more conveniently, to more viewers.

It has been a hit in most precincts. Subscribers to have enjoyed the content, especially the live events in HD quality. On occasion, there have been technical glitches but we continue to work to reduce their frequency and impact.

There’s no doubt that some people have been reluctant to jump on board because of the perceived technology requirements. That is understandable (although the requirements, in most cases, aren’t really that significant). For those viewers, there is a new alternative.

Earlier this week the department announced a partnership with Mediacom that will deliver all content to their cable TV audience, too. For those uncomfortable with an online viewing experience, this agreement creates another way for some fans to watch

Mediacom is going to establish a channel that will carry only content. In other words, it will be a channel dedicated to Cyclone Athletics.

Many Big 12 schools have taken their third-tier TV rights and created online channels like ISU has. Some have partnered with regional cable networks to carry that content. Both in those relationships sometimes scheduling conflicts occur.

In Iowa State’s case, having a dedicated channel eliminates programming conflicts.
For – whether on the web or on Mediacom – “It’s all Cyclones, all the time!”

We hope you continue to enjoy the content. You have our promise that we’ll continue to pour resources and time into making it the best it can be.

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