Cyclones’ fall performance on the field outpaced its league budget ranking


The Iowa State Athletics Department crossed a threshold last year when its annual budget surpassed $50 million for the first time. The current athletics budget is double what it was the year before Jamie Pollard was hired.

Although that growth has been hard-earned and critical to investment in Cyclone Athletics, the total of $55 million is the smallest in the Big 12.

Though conference re-alignment has shuffled the Big 12 membership, Iowa State’s place in the pecking order of athletics budgets stayed the same. That’s ok, though, because our staff is committed to using its resources wisely to compete in one of the nation’s best conferences.

Athletics budgets for the Big 12 schools – per the 2011-12 EADA Reports – were as follows:  Texas ($163.3 million), Oklahoma ($106.5 million), Oklahoma State ($84.1 million), West Virginia ($80 million), Kansas ($79.2 million), TCU ($68.1 million), Baylor ($67.8 million), Kansas State ($63.6 million), Texas Tech ($60 million) and Iowa State ($55.2 million).

Through the 2012 fall season, it should also be noted that ISU is sixth in the conference for on-field performance. The all-sports ranking at present is as follows:  the Longhorns, Cowboys, Sooners, Wildcats, Mountaineers, Cyclones, Bears, Jayhawks, Red Raiders and Horned Frogs.

The three schools performing better athletically than their budget ranking are Iowa State (four slots higher), Kansas State (+4) and Oklahoma State (+1).

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