Sights, sounds & other stuff from Memphis

Here are some leftover thoughts and observations from the Cyclones’ participation in the 54th annual AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

More than 25,000 Cyclones stormed the Liberty Bowl creating a lasting image by filling its half of the stadium. The bowl’s pep rally, parade and pre-game party also became cardinal and gold blowouts. #amazingturnout

Tulsa has won at least 10 games in four of the last six seasons. Much of that success came via an explosive passing game. Now, the Golden Hurricane features a blue-collar, physical style on both sides of the ball. #rematchin262days

“There hasn’t been this much business on Beale Street since the 25-year anniversary of Elvis’ death (2002),” said long-time merchant Sara from Miss Polly’s on our visit to the popular restaurant. #BealeStreetappreciation

The Memphis Zoo is one of only four in the U.S. with panda bears. Why? The bears eat 40 pounds of bamboo daily and the Memphis climate supports that plant. #zoofactoid

Yes, it was my first rodeo. The bowl-sponsored Pro Rodeo event was likely a first-time opportunity for many in the Cyclone crowd. #checkthatoff

The Memphis AAA baseball team has the neatest minor league ballpark I’ve seen. It is home for the St. Louis Cardinals top club. #Fennellywouldbeproud

The Temptations performed at a gala dance as well as halftime. They joined artists like K.C. & the Sunshine Band, Clint Black and the Beach Boys as bowl honorees. #Memphislovesmusic

It was a fun week in Memphis and lots of Cyclones made their own memories. A return trip would be welcome.


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