Versatile Cyclones playing with more speed, fewer turnovers. That’s a winning combination.


Fred Hoiberg has been selling a vision of high-paced offense since his return to the Cyclone bench. As a kid and eventually an ISU player, he loved Johnny Orr’s up-and-down pace.

Against Texas – a fairly tall and powerful group of athletes – Saturday, ISU pushed the pace.

The Cyclones extended their pressure past half-court several times and sprinted (wings to the corner and big guys to the rim) to the offensive end frequently.

Faster pace, more possessions, more shots. That’s the formula. It works, too, if you’re not turning the ball over.

With steady direction from Korie Lucious, the Cyclones had a season-low five miscues against UT. As the point guard and his coach both like to say, just make the simple play. The turnover total impressed Hoiberg the most and he called it a key to the win.

Lucious continues to impress. Georges Niang also emerged as a stable option to release defensive pressure much like Royce White did a year ago. Will Clyburn, the star forward and pinch-hit point guard, has the unique skills to get a rebound and rush the ball up court to waiting shooters.

Hoiberg has a versatile group that can run, shoot, rebound and pass and it’s leading to a great flow… a winning flow.

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