Christofferson is showing that she may be, indeed, a “five tool player”


Baseball terminology snuck into Bill Fennelly’s news conference comments Monday when he noted that his junior forward Hallie Christofferson wasn’t a “five tool player”.

That, of course, is baseball code for a player who hits for average, hits with power, throws, runs and fields.

But, then Fennelly quickly listed off Christofferson’s ability to shoot the ball, make free throws, rebound the ball, make 3’s and post up a little bit. Sounds like five tools to me.

Operating in the shadow of seniors Chelsea Poppens and Anna Prins, somewhat, Christofferson is “playing at an All-Big 12 level” according to Fennelly.

In the last four games, Christofferson is averaging 17.5 points, 7.5 rebounds while shooting 66.7% from the field, 58.3% from behind the arc and she’s made 11-11 free throws. Additionally, Fennelly said, she guarded West Virginia’s center and point guard Saturday.

The 6-3 Christofferson ranks 16th nationally in FG percentage and 46% of her attempts (74) are three pointers. The 15 players ahead of her nationally (in percentage) have combined to shoot only 39 three pointers.

“Every day she’s around and every day she’s in the gym is a better day for us,” Fennelly said.

It’s not known how Christofferson handles the curve ball (baseball jargon, again), but on the court she has all the necessary tools and is showcasing them to Big 12 audiences across the region.

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