Big Monday meant big publicity for Cyclone Athletics and Fred Hoiberg’s program in particular.


The “Big Monday” series on ESPN is a great showcase for all of the institutions and basketball programs that get to participate. This week’s game vs. Kansas was the Cyclones’ first appearance in six seasons.

Although the game result wasn’t as desired, consider the national publicity Iowa State received for a couple of hours on television. Here are some in-game comments from Brent Musburger, the veteran ESPN sportscaster:


“If you have not seen a game in this building – it has become, as Coach Fred Hoiberg has brought the Cyclones back to relevance – one of the best settings in all of college basketball.”

“This is a great crowd in here tonight. I’ve heard so much about it (Hilton Coliseum). All across America, one of the beauties of college basketball is when you get to come to these small (university) towns and see how they support their basketball teams. It’s a part of Americana.”

“(Hoiberg), the Ames, Iowa, legend has led a remarkable turnaround. He took them to the NCAA Tournament a year ago and they’re headed there again.”

“This setting is as good as advertised. It’s hard to get a good seat here. (There’s) 14,376 and we’ve got standing room tonight. Folks, that’s Paul Rhoads. He’s the football coach and it’s tough for him to get down near center court. That’s how tough the ticket is here in Ames.”

Musburger and color analyst Fran Fraschilla shared this exchange:  “This building is as good as you told me,” Musburger said to Fraschilla, who replied “it’s one of my favorite places to come. Nice is in the DNA of the people of Ames.”

One of Musburger’s closing lines was: “I’ll make a prediction. Big Monday will be back in Ames next year!”

We’ll be ready, Brent, for the return engagement.

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